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Pierhor-Gasser SA


Since 1899, Pierhor Gassor has specialized in the machining of synthetic stones for mechanical timepieces (synthetic ruby plain bearings), the medical sector and the microtechnology industry.

Année d'ajout



Industrial Manufacturing







Fabrice Lambert

Directeur d’Exploitation


Camille Bourguignon

Chargée de projet RSE


directe aux ODD


Goal 1

By 2028, 50 % of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) and flammable solvents are replaced by alternative products, compared with none in 2023*. 

* Alternative products with a reduced impact on the environment and users' health and free of SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern). We are aiming to replace 100 % of VOC and flammable solvents by 2030. The annual volume of VOC solvents is of 4 t in 2022.

Core business

Goal 2

By 2028, we reduce our production of industrial waste and effluent by 50 % in proportion to the total volume of production, compared with 2023*. 

* In 2022, the volume represents 9 t of non-hazardous industrial waste and 4 t of hazardous industrial waste.

Internal operations

Goal 3

By 2026, 80 % of our main suppliers meet our responsible purchasing criteria and sign our Supplier Code of Conduct, compared with none in 2023*. 

* Main suppliers by volume of purchases, representing 80 % of the total value of our purchases.

Supply chain

Goal 4

By 2027, we reduce by 80 % the risks of occupational illness and accidents identified as major*. 

* According to the first workplace risk analysis to be carried out at the end of 2023.

Internal operations

Pierhor-Gasser SA operates in Switzerland. The pledges taken within the STI framework relate to the sustainability policy applying to all Pierhor-Gasser SA operations carried out in Switzerland. The company is therefore accountable for their implementation within the limits of its scope of activity.

Remarque : D'ici 2023 indique systématiquement la fin de l'année, ce qui signifie : D'ici la fin de 2023 (à moins que cela soit mentionné autrement, par exemple année fiscale). 

Autres engagements

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