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STRADE is a wholly owned subsidiary of SR Technics, a leading MRO service provider in the civil aviation industry. STRADE specializes in Used Serviceable Material: repaired and reused high value compoments. STRADE manages a multi-million asset base and serves its airlines and maintenance customers through a 24/7 worldwide support concept including an innovative digital backbone. The company is present globally with headquarters in Zurich and through warehouses and regional sales support offices in Amsterdam, Belgrade, Manchester, Miami, Kuala Lumpur and Brisbane.

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Goal 1

By 2028, 80 % of our suppliers by spend have an Ecovadis bronze medal or equivalent score*. 

* Compared with none in 2022.

Core business

Goal 2

By 2027, we reduce our tCO2eq emissions by 50 % (Scope 1, 2 & 3) compared with 2022, and we set greenhouse gas reduction targets as part of the Science Based Targets (SBTi) initiative.

Internal operations

Goal 3

By 2027, we increase the share of renewable energy usage in our offices and in our main warehouse facility to 90 %, compared with 6 % in 2022.

Internal operations

Goal 4

By 2026, we achieve gender balance while achieving equal pay, at all organization levels and including the Board*. 

* Compared with 60 % gender balance in 2022.

Internal operations

STRADE operates in various markets around the world through a number of subsidiaries with clear operational and commercial boundaries. In Switzerland, the company is represented by STRADE AG. The pledges taken within the STI framework relate to the sustainability policy of STRADE AG. The latter is therefore accountable for their implementation within its scope of activity. Where these commitments directly reinforce the Group's sustainability strategy, a special mention is added in the wording.

Remarque : D'ici 2023 indique systématiquement la fin de l'année, ce qui signifie : D'ici la fin de 2023 (à moins que cela soit mentionné autrement, par exemple année fiscale). 

Autres engagements

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