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SwissTech Convention Center


The SwissTech Convention Center is one of the largest convention centres in the Lake Geneva region, hosting events of international renown.

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Goal 1

By 2026, we calculate the carbon footprint of half the events at the Swiss Tech Convention Center with tailor-made support from MyClimate, and offset the emissions from these events, compared to none in 2023, and by 2023 we commit to the Net Zero Carbon Events initiative*. 

* Sustainable event checklist, partnership with Mobilis for discounted public transport tickets for participants, raising awareness of the carbon footprint of meat, recommending local suppliers, etc., out of a total of 100 events by 2023. By 2030, based on global estimates of event emissions, we help our clients to implement a sustainable event using our turnkey solutions (emissions calculations, sustainable event checklist, soft mobility partnerships, etc.).

Core business

Goal 2

By 2026, we evaluate all our main suppliers with regard to their commitment to sustainability, and recommend them to our customers based on the results of these studies*. 

* 8 main suppliers per expenditure out of a total of 1075, representing 70 % of our expenditure. Annual audit in the form of a sustainability self-assessment questionnaire.

Supply chain

Goal 3

By 2026, we reduce our non-recyclable waste by 30 %, compared to no reduction in 2022*. 

* Meaning a total of 90.1 % non-recyclable waste.

Internal operations

Goal 4

By 2026, we reduce the carbon footprint of commuting by 30 %, compared to 2022*. 

* Commuting accounts for 33 % of our carbon footprint. 78 % of commuting is by individual motorised transport, which is responsible for 86 % of our commuting emissions.

Internal operations

Goal 5

By 2026, all our employees undergo at least one professional training course per year to ensure their employability and career development*. 

* Representing a minimum of 3 days of training on average per employee per year.

Internal operations

The SwissTech Convention Center operates in Switzerland. The pledges taken within the STI framework apply to the sustainability policy for all activities of the SwissTech Convention Center in Switzerland. The company is therefore accountable for their implementation within the limits of its field of activity.

Remarque : D'ici 2023 indique systématiquement la fin de l'année, ce qui signifie : D'ici la fin de 2023 (à moins que cela soit mentionné autrement, par exemple année fiscale). 

Autres engagements

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