An engagement program to move the Swiss Ecosystem towards a resilient economy

In the face of 21st century challenges, it is key for businesses to secure a prosperous future, through minimizing their impact on the planet and delivering value to their customers, employees and society.

Using the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a framework, the Swiss Triple program enables companies to identify areas for growth, increase trust from customers and employees, increase resiliency, reduce risks linked to changing regulations and lower costs by optimizing use of resources.


By joining the program, companies will​

Develop a clear SDG roadmap and measure their contribution to the SDGs

Learn from peers and exchange best practices

Join a network of business leading the Sustainable transformation in Switzerland

Gain visibility and attractiveness by joining the Swiss Triple Impact Directory

Contribute to a national benchmark of businessess

The Swiss Triple Impact program was initiated by B Lab Switzerland in partnership with

and supported by

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B Lab, une organisation à but non-lucratif qui sert un mouvement de personnes utilisant le monde des affaires comme une force pour l'intérêt général. ​

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