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Grangeneuve is the competence centre of the canton of Fribourg for training, advice and execution in the field of agriculture. Grangeneuve is also the training centre for other agricultural professions - horticulture and forestry - as well as for food processing, home economics and management. Grangeneuve provides services and infrastructure for seminars.

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Agriculture and Agricultural Services







Sandra Sénéchal

Responsable Qualité, Santé et Environnement


Pascal Toffel

Directeur / Direktor


directe aux ODD


Goal 1

By 2026, we integrate sustainability into all of our training offerings for careers in land, nature, food and home economics, compared to 20 % in 2022*. 

* Innovation and sustainable food systems, conservation of terrestrial ecosystems, and sustainable home economics, according to the 2030 Agenda.

Core business

Goal 2

By 2026, we integrate sustainability and new trends into 80 %, of our services according to the cantonal sustainability strategy, compared to 30 % in 2022*. 

* Examples of new trends: smart farming and resilient agriculture in agricultural production, permaculture and urban farming, also for a wider audience.

Services: Continuing education and individual and collective services in the fields of agriculture, nature, food processing and stewardship. 

Core business

Goal 3

By 2030, we reduce our emissions of harmful gases from livestock farming (methane and ammonia) by 20 %, and increase the biodiversity promotion areas (BPA) by 10 %, compared to 2022*. 

* Grangeneuve's BPA is currently 70 % higher than existing standards.

Internal operations

Goal 4

By 2030, we reduce CO2 emissions from energy consumption and mobility by 30 % and our drinking water consumption by 30 %, compared to 2020*. 

* Increasing our share of renewable energy (photovoltaic panels and biogas) to 50 %, compared to 25 % in 2022.

Internal operations

Goal 5

By 2026, we increase well-being at work and employee satisfaction to 90 %, compared to 85 % in 2022, by promoting continuous training, staff development and diversity*. 

* Diversity: promoting bilingualism and gender equality in senior positions.

Internal operations

Scope of Pledges: 

Grangeneuve, Establishment under public law of the canton of Fribourg, operates in Switzerland. The pledges taken within the STI framework apply to the sustainability policy for all activities of Grangeneuve, Establishment under public law of the canton of Fribourg, in Switzerland. The company is therefore accountable for their implementation within the limits of its field of activity.

Remarque : D'ici 2023 indique systématiquement la fin de l'année, ce qui signifie : D'ici la fin de 2023 (à moins que cela soit mentionné autrement, par exemple année fiscale). 

Autres engagements

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